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Don't Let Your Business Fall Apart Due to These 3 Commo - 03 Aug 2018 14:30


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Whether a business is off-line, or online, most of them fail. The offline failure rate has been holding steady for decades.

In most cases, the mistakes that are made are done by a business owner that does not know what they are doing. What is causing this? You really have to ask this question after you see these blatant statistics. If you want to be successful, the only real secret is to be consistent - this is how most successful businesses operate. If you don't want to fail, and you want to succeed, look at businesses that have succeeded and emulate what they do.

It is important that you work on improving your personal performance, as well as your innate qualities, if you want your business to succeed. Coming to terms with your own abilities, your successes and failures, is how you will begin to become a better businessperson. You can always remake yourself in important ways, in many areas, whatever you choose. Most people have problem areas, so too do better at online marketing, these areas need to be improved. The way that Internet marketers think, and how they feel about themselves, in my experience, is what holds most of them back. Note : The article is of interest general information and whilst it is accurate at time of writing you can always visit my website for the most recent info. Go to flyer distribution kensingtonMost if not all of IM is mechanical and nuts and bolts actions. Many of us, unfortunately, lack the qualities necessary to perform well in this very simple business.

It's easy to not waste time and money, or get frustrated, if you become more aware of the knowledge that you already possess. Maybe you'll read an article, and then think you know it all when it comes to marketing your product or service. Moving forward, as if you know what all, is what most people will do if they believe that they know everything - this usually ends badly. After you realize that you don't know everything, you will find the knowledge you need in order to solve the problem. You have to keep searching, however, until you realize that everything you have is complete. Only then can you proceed with confidence based on fact and not wishful thinking.

Quite a few marketing tasks require step by step planning if you want them to come out right. Creating a website to sell your latest product would be a good example. Many successful marketers create a formula out of this, building multiple websites for various products. If, however, you don't plan your first website correctly, your potential online empire will never get started. Website owners whose sites don't make money often look far and wide for the cause, when it can really be attributed to not enough planning. A successful website may look simple, but in fact it takes a great deal of planning and strategy to set up. Succeeding with your Internet business is actually not that hard. You simply have to be willing to make mistakes and keep moving forward. How you react to what comes your way, and how hard you try to succeed, is what will determine your inevitable outcome. - Comments: 0

Internet Marketing Myths - What You Need to Know - 11 Jul 2018 23:53


The field of internet marketing has been expanding like it's own universe, and more and more methods emerge all the time. So it's only natural that there are certain myths and fables surrounding this industry. While the more experienced marketers are less immune to these urban legends; it's the less experienced who can destroy their business if they get caught up in them. In this article we shall be looking into 3 Internet marketing myths that you need to be aware of.

Believe it or not, but just today I read someone comment that all you need to do is create a great site and traffic will begin showing up. Any online marketer will just a little bit of real experience knows this is 100% false and inaccurate. You have to realize that when you start off with your Internet marketing venture, you'll have to put in the efforts to drive visitors to your site and get exposure to it. No one will ever know your fabulous website even exists if you don't find a way to tell them about it. If you want to get high search engine rankings, then fine; you'll need to get your site indexed and build backlinks to it - plus SEO your site.

One other internet misconception is that social media is a bust for getting traffic.

The real fact is that sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier for anyone to reach out to their potential customers easily. The influence that these social media sites have when it comes to creating customer bonds is very efficient as it relates to your incoming sales and the success of your online company. For example, you can use Twitter to reach your present customers and in the meantime add new clients to your lists and sell to them directly. Besides the marketing aspect, these social media sites can also help you build a brand around your business.

The number of website visitors and hits you get do not say anything about the quality of traffic you're getting. Obviously, if you're not making any sales, then something is up; but don't assume that all those hits mean you're getting the right kind of traffic. The final number and metric that really sums up everything are your conversions, and there are many things that can affect that number. The two most immediate and critical areas for concern are keywords/phrases and traffic source because either one will sink you.

All in all, this article has taught us that if you want to be successful in internet marketing, you have to be knowledgeable about its complex details.

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3 Great Tips for Direct Mail Success - 29 Jun 2018 11:55


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Most Internet marketers believe they can only communicate with their potential customers by using online means. By not putting other avenues of communication to good use, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities. Direct mail is a truly excellent way to reach people who otherwise wouldn't have found you online, especially within your local area. So how is it possible for a marketing method such as direct mail to boost business and increase profits? This article will discuss some ways to put it to good use for yourself.

It's best to write out the addresses by hand whenever possible. There's no denying that it is easier to use your printer and computer to make the labels. Hand writing out the address, however, increases your chances that your mail actually gets open by a not small percentage. You'll need to have exceptional penmanship in order to perform this task well. Don't be afraid to ask someone else to perform this task if you feel your handwriting isn't up to the proper standards. It is worth the extra thirty seconds to create a personal feel-especially when it could result in hundreds of dollars in sales.

Even direct mail needs to have attention grabbing headlines. This is an undeniable fact. Just as though you were writing a sales page or article online, you're going to need a good headline for your direct mail too. You need to come up with something good for your piece of direct mail as well.

Even if you've formatted your piece like a letter you can still include a winning headline. Please note : The post is aimed at general information and whilst it is correct at time of posting you can always try the owners site for the current information. Go to flyer distribution ascot valeAlways keep in mind that the primary goal of the headline is to grab the attention of your buying audience. You want them to keep reading so write a headline that compels them to do so. There are all kinds of tips and tricks you can use to help you write headlines that are designed specifically to get attention on the Internet. It's worth taking a little time to do the research before you write your final copy.

Don't allow your piece of direct mail to sound like a late night infomercial. Don't believe you're making your message more interesting by resorting to bold fonts and glaring colors. Don't give in. You want your mail to be business like. You want it to grab peoples' attention. Yet, it's important that people respond by taking action. If your mail looks like a cheap infomercial, you're very unlikely to see the kind of positive response you want. Stick to professional formats. There are all kinds of things you can do that will greatly improve the success of your direct mail campaign. As with any marketing endeavor, it can be easier or harder than it looks depending on your approach. Do these things and you'll have a much better shot at success. As you keep reading and learning you'll turn up plenty of other tips and tricks you can try. - Comments: 0

Home Improvement Advice Anyone Can Follow Successfully - 27 Jun 2018 10:44


Tackling home-improvement tasks is something many find to be a daunting prospect. However, all that is needed for successful projects is knowledge about the best materials and methods. Put these tips to work on your next job, and you will be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, hire a professional inspector to check it out. This avoids you having to hear from a potential buyer what needs repairing or replacing, or needing to depend on your own evaluations. A third party is a great way to keep things civil.

Adding insulation to your walls, crawl spaces and attics isn't something that a lot of people think about when it comes to improving your home, but they should. Adding insulation is a great way to make your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and more sound proof.

Use a sponge to help install drywall. Avoid sanding the seams, try to stick with sponging. It will take some practice to learn this new technique, but you'll get it. One great thing is that sponging isn't as dusty as sanding.



Replace old and outdated sliding glass patio doors with french doors. The look is bold and modern, something that new buyers will really appreciate. It's the kind of small touch that is quick, easy, and inexpensive but will give you the most bang for your hard earn buck.

Not every home improvement project has to be a major overhaul or a major expense; there are a number of quick and easy updates you can make at a reasonable cost to add value and appeal to your home. Start with paint. Paint your walls, your cabinets, your trim or your doors. You can even paint your stove or floor tiles with specialty paint designed for that purpose. Increase storage space by installing closet or pantry organizers. Replace boring kitchen cabinet knobs with ones that are unique and decorative. While you're at it, do the same with your plain white wall plates. Enhance your new paint job with fresh, bright curtains and sheers. Rent a floor buffer, and buff and wax your hardwood floors. A little cash and a dash of creativity can result in some dramatic changes.

Consider insulating your residence during your next home improvement project. Install all your windows and doors with weather-stripping. If you reduce the air escaping your home, your cooling and heating systems will work better. Money saved means money to be placed towards more important projects around the house.

Take your new cabinets apart before installing them. Remove the cabinet doors and all of the drawers to make them lighter and easier to install. Make sure to label all of the drawers and doors so that you can get them put back onto the right cabinet when they are installed.


Windows and doors make a perfect home improvement project. You can add an indoor window box or change out your old patio doors for French doors. It is often possible to find good deals on these types of materials at the home improvement store. You won't have to spend a lot of money to make a dramatic change.

Never install non-operable windows during a home improvement effort. Except for picture windows or large, exotic glazing, every standard-sized window should be capable of opening. Regardless of climate, for every home there will be times of the year and times of the day when cracking the window open is the best form of air conditioning.

Are you planning on painting the trim around your windows as a part of your home improvements? Here is a trick that will save you some time. If you have a steady hand, you do not need to mask off the glass when you are painting the trim. If you get a small lap of paint on the glass, simply remove the wet paint from the glass with a damp cloth wrapped around the blade of a putty knife. If the paint has already dried, you can use a razor blade to remove it.

If your home is an older house there's a good chance you might have outdated PVC windows, which are difficult to maintain and often yellow with age. Replacing the PVC with modern plate glass can make a significant difference in the look of the house. Glass windows will also allow more natural sunlight into your home, creating a more open, inviting atmosphere.

Before rolling paint onto walls or ceilings, cut in the edges with a brush. Tape off trim, moldings, windows, ceiling edges and fixtures. By painting the few inches closest to the edges using a brush, you do not have to roll right up to these obstacles which may prove too cumbersome with a full-sized paint roller.

Today, almost anyone can do their own home improvements. Some projects are not as easy as they appear to be, however, so proceeding with caution is essential. It's easy to get into a project and find it is much more costly and complicated than it looked in the beginning.

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You Can Be A Better Gardener If You Prune Your Trees - 27 Jun 2018 09:10


If you have been cultivating trees for some time, you should know about the importance of pruning. If you are new to maintaining trees, maybe you have heard about pruning, but know nothing about what it is. Cutting back is vital for the development and health of your trees, so don't be afraid to ask someone what it is, or how to do it. Occasionally avoiding mishaps and frustrations with your garden is as simple as asking questions, such as those about pruning.

Any time you eliminate dead or unnecessary branches by pruning, your flowers will grow better. Limbs which need nutrients from the trunk are neglected, considering they are going to branches that don't need them. The tree limbs generating the most fruit, will produce even more, when the dead branches are removed, so that the nutrients can go where they will help the most. Pruning can also help a tree to progress more evenly and not focused on one side. The tree could become uneven permanently, if a single side has too many branches. A common mistake with inexperienced gardeners is they tend not to start pruning until the tree starts to bear fruit.

It is important that you cut back the tree right from the start. Simply because they haven't started generating fruit, that is not any reason to neglect them. If you keep your trees even and uniform by pruning them, you'll see much greater results when the fruit is produced. Trees that are regularly pruned look healthier when compared to ones that are not pruned. You should focus on the dead and weak branches when you first begin pruning. They might be misshaped or discolored, and in most cases they will not bear any fruit. They need to be removed right away since they do not help the tree grow. If you can't tell about a number of branches, hang on a little while and the ones which aren't growing anything will be real obvious.

If there are tree limbs that are growing too close to each other, then cut the one that is smaller. If perhaps neglected, one branch may cloud the other branch out. Branches have to have a certain amount of room to thrive so you should have them as far apart from each other as possible. You should likewise make an effort to keep the tree well balanced. Your tree will look strange if it gets lopsided. Understanding the basics of pruning allows you to have very healthy trees. You have just learned a few basic parts here, so you should try to learn more by doing more research. You'll find various options for pruning based on the age of the tree. Formative instructions for pruning need to be followed during the first three years of growth for your trees.

You need to continue to trim your trees regularly even when your trees are healthy and strong. You'll be able to find many books that keep track of the various methods of pruning.

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Finding The Right Mentor For Your Online Marketing - 09 Jun 2018 15:00


The quickest way to earning money on the internet is to identify a person who is already successful and get them to mentor you. It is not that simple finding the perfect person, though, considering that a lot of mentors charge a whole lot for their assistance. You'll also encounter lots of so-called industry experts who are out to scam you. This article will provide you with some suggestions on finding who really is an internet marketing expert.

Something essential to verify at the start is that the expert is successfully using the method they teach to generate an income. Many marketers usually do not apply the system themselves, and make their money simply by selling it. So their book may be about a money-making system, but they make money entirely from sales of the book, and not by making use of the system. These folks generally tell you to avoid the Internet marketing niche because it is way too competitive. Choose a niche with lower competition, they say, but they have never followed their own advice. The question needs to be asked: can you truly trust the suggestion these people give?

You will see that several experts are open about how they actually make their money, while some will keep it a close secret. A few are afraid to tell you about a niche they are having success with, because people may abuse their openness by copying their site and saturating the niche. How can you tell if they are actually earning profits in that niche, if they won't show you what it is? If they refuse to show you a live site that is earning money, how can you believe that their strategy is effective? The most successful mentors remove the margin for error by giving you a plan that is laid out step by step. The teacher will have proven himself if you can easily follow the steps he lays out and then get the results you expect.

Are their boasts believable, like 'make money on the internet with virtually no experience in under six weeks' or 'make $50,000 in a month' or some other unbelievable claim? Anybody can make these absurd claims, and it is a simple matter to provide bogus screenshots as "proof" of the outrageous amounts of money being made. When the claims are not so over-blown, it is more likely you are really dealing with somebody who knows what they are talking about. Stay away from them, when their claims are way too unreachable to be real. You cannot generate an income without doing some work, so if someone says you can, do not believe them. If their strategy is unethical, get away from whatever they are teaching as soon as you can.

There are numerous viable methods, which include pay-per-click advertising, flipping sites, article marketing and even offline marketing. These are not things that anyone can or would like to do, so if they do not suit your needs do not buy into them. It is not just about earning profits, you also want to have fun while doing so. Experts know that their techniques work and they have no need to pressure people into paying for anything inferior. - Comments: 0

Horticulture: Not Just The Latest Hobby - 19 May 2018 21:04


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There are numerous folks who view gardening as an activity that is very hard work and something not worth doing. This certainly tends to be the case these days when there are so many other distractions in life and for someone who is not a keen gardener there may seem to be little incentive to get involved. But you will find benefits to gardening that you may not be cognizant of. In this article we will certainly look at some of those benefits and why these may encourage more people to take up gardening.

The important advantage of gardening is that it can actually save you money. If you are raising your own flowers and shrubs, you could also grow vegetables and herbs. If perhaps you properly arrange your mini garden, you will be able to grow all sorts of vegetables and herbs without spending a lot of money. It is great to learn that you may spend less while eating fresh and organic food.

Horticulture can even be beneficial to your health in many ways. Very first thing is that you are going to be doing some physically demanding work that makes your muscles active. Simply by doing all this physical work and inhaling the fresh air of the outdoors will get you feeling energized and more alive. And by growing your own personal food with no dangerous chemicals, you will always have safe and natural food. We are continuously being advised of the issues of how food in our shops is produced and the fact that many of the nutrients may have been lost through transportation and storage.

Gardening is also fantastic way to help the ecosystem recover. You can make a garden which will flourish in a natural way and be very eco-friendly. There is a great deal of information out there that can help you construct an eco-friendly garden. If you've got the space you can consider planting trees given that we know so many are being lost worldwide. You might imagine that your endeavours won't make a difference, but there are thousands like you who are thinking about doing the same thing, so it will make a difference.

So, gardening is much more than simply a hobby since there are so many benefits that not only help you but the world as a whole.

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Every Fall You Need To Winterize Your Home - 17 May 2018 16:09


Everyone has been aware of spring cleaning, but not many people know what it means to winterize your home. As soon as fall arrives you need to inspect your home's readiness for the upcoming winter. At this time of year, with the vegetation dying out, examining the house is easier, so you can tell if any shrubs are hanging onto the house. Clinging vines and roots affect siding and in many cases bricks, so it is good to keep them cleaned off.

When they are no longer needed to do any watering, the garden hose should all be emptied and rolled up to be set into storage for the winter. The external faucets need to have the water turned off, and then allowed to drain dry. Get your garden furniture cleaned up and stored somewhere dry, once you are done using it till the following year. Any kind of young trees you may have planted, you need to protect them with mulch, especially if it is their first winter. All drainage ditches should really be cleared so they can cope with any heavy rains.

Once the weather starts to get colder, it is time to start thinking about fireplaces. Everybody needs a chimney sweep at the same time when a cold spell shows up, so call early to beat the rush. One never knows how the source of firewood will be, so if you are going to need some, try and locate some in plenty of time. Should you find yourself in a rural area, check for local residents selling firewood without advertising. Whether or not you employ a fireplace in winter, you should check all of your smoke alarms to make sure they are working. The cords to the Christmas lights can become brittle and break if you don't ever take them down, so check them for sufficient flexibility. If you use storm windows, they ought to be fitted. Summer dries out weather-stripping, therefore check if they need replacing.

Throughout the winter months, the windows are still closed most of the time, so make sure that the filtering system in your range hood are in good working order. Check that the pitch of the earth around your house will still allow water to flow away. If water goes on to drain into the cellar, or the foundation, that can be bad news for your house. The first damage is wet rot, which eventually leads to dry rot, and this is definitely something to be averted anywhere in your home. Make the effort of verifying, at regular intervals, that water is not seeping into your home.

It appears to be inevitable that leaks come, and the most likely places are the roof, the gutter and down-spouts, and the inside plumbing. It goes without saying, but all of the leaks should be repaired. You should cover the air-conditioning equipment to prevent drafts, while, particularly with older homes, it is worth cladding the exterior pipes. Your carpets and rugs might need to be shampooed to get rid of dust which in winter is readily noticed. While you're at it, you might likewise clean the windows.

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Home Improvement Is Easy With These Great Tips - 03 May 2018 01:54


Taking on home improvement projects is a challenge best accomplished with the right tools and the right information. This article has many helpful tips and pointers that can keep you on track through the stages as your project progresses, and bring your own home improvement project to a successful completion.

If you're interested in home improvement, a good place to start is by experimenting with color schemes. You can do this by getting swatches from your local paint store, or using a variety of online color scheme websites and apps. Doing this can be creative and fun, and inspire you to think of ideas you might not have had if you had focused on details like furnishings straight away.

When you are installing new cabinets yourself. Start with the top set first. This way you will have plenty of room underneath to stand and navigate as you hang the top ones. The bottom set are much easier to install as there is no holding up a heavy cabinet while it gets screwed in.

Hardwood, tile and other smooth surfaces may seem like a good idea in high traffic areas like stairs and hallways, but those same areas can then echo and reverberate throughout the entire house. You wouldn't want to hear every footstep going down the hallway if you were in a bedroom sleeping.

Cover electrical outlets with aluminum foil prior to painting your walls. The foil is much simpler to apply than tape and protects the entire cover from splatters and drips. Cleanup is easy! Make certain that the paint is completely dry prior to removing the foil.

When you hire a contractor to work on a home improvement project, make sure that he is holding a current license and that he has insurance for his employees. This is important for your protection, in case you have a legal dispute about the quality of the work. In addition, if his employees are not covered by his insurance, you might be financially responsible for any injuries that an employee incurs, while he is on your premises.

Before you begin your next home improvement project, make sure to secure any permits that you might need. Anything dealing with electricity, plumbing or structural work will require a permit. If you aren't sure how to get the proper paperwork, it may be helpful to hire a general contractor to assist you.

A very simple home improvement tip is to declutter. Start with this easy task: If you have kids, you may be guilty of cluttering your fridge with their work and little design magnets. Keep your appliances clear by attaching just some of your children's artwork and only a few magnets at a time. You can switch these items out every week.


Your house can look more chic by adding a little garden area in the front. First decide what kinds of plants are able to grow in your climate and purchase them from a store. Plant them in a nice design near your porch or doorstep. For a nicer and cleaner finish, add some small fencing around your garden area to fully define the space.

If you need fencing that is both affordable and versatile, opt for a wooden fence. You can choose from a variety of wood types to find the most appropriate material for your particular climate and moisture levels. Wooden fencing is very diverse and can easily be stained to one of many natural-looking colors.

Pick a cedar fence if your area is dry and fire-prone. Cedar wood is beloved for the fragrance and durability and its safer in area that are prone to wildfires.

White or red cedar fences can be great if you are in a fire-prone area. While cedar woods are a particular favorite for their fragrance and stability, they also earn high safety ratings in areas plagued with wildfires.

Inspect your fencing regularly for holes and places where it may have come loose in a storm. This is particularly important if you have young children and pets. Remember that fencing works two ways. It works to keep your children and pets in your yard and it works to keep other people's children and pets out of your yard!

Inspect your fencing regularly for holes and places where it may have come loose in a storm. This is particularly important if you have young children and pets. Remember that fencing works two ways. It works to keep your children and pets in your yard and it works to keep other people's children and pets out of your yard!

Inspect your fencing regularly for holes and places where it may have come loose in a storm. This is particularly important if you have young children and pets. Remember that fencing works two ways. It works to keep your children and pets in your yard and it works to keep other people's children and pets out of your yard!

This article was written with the hopes of providing homeowners the information to help them realize that they can start the home improvement projects that they are considering. Hopefully you have found the information that you need to get going on that project that you have been considering for some time.

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Office / Indoor Air Quality – Investigating IAQ Complai - 17 Mar 2018 19:53


The air quality of the indoor environment such as a non-industrial office environment can significantly affect the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace, such an office environment, is the subject of much attention recently, and for good reason. Although serious irreversible health problems related to IAQ in non-industrial office environments are rare, the perception of endangered health is increasingly common among building occupants.

To date, the causes and consequences of poor IAQ are complex and not completely understood, but there are some basic factors that in many cases address IAQ concerns.

IAQ is a problem when the air contains dust and objectionable odours, chemical contaminants, dampness, mould or bacteria.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of physical symptoms and complaints. The most common of these include:

Thermal discomfort: too hot or too cold



Shortness of breath (eg. insufficient oxygen related to high carbon dioxide levels)

Sinus congestion



Eye, nose, and throat irritation

Skin irritation



Skin irritation

These physical symptoms and complaints are often attributed to indoor air quality, however, it is important to note that indoor air quality is not always the cause. Other factors in the indoor environment such as noise, overcrowding, improper lighting, poor ergonomic conditions, and job stress can also lead to these symptoms and complaints. In many situations, a combination of factors is to blame.

An increased likelihood of complaints is usually associated with factors such as the installation of new furnishings, uncontrolled renovation activities, poor air circulation and air flow, persistent moisture and ongoing low relative humidity. Complaints may also increase when there is a stressful work environment, such as impending layoffs, a great deal of overtime, or an ongoing conflict among staff members and management.

A number of factors can affect the indoor air quality of a building or facility, including:

The physical layout of the building

The building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system

The outdoor climate

The people who occupy the building

Contaminants emitted inside and entered from outside the building

Poor indoor air quality and indoor air contaminants affect some people more seriously, including:

People with allergies or asthma

People with respiratory disease

People whose immune system is suppressed as a result of disease or treatment

People who wear contact lenses

Indoor air contaminants can originate within a building or be drawn in from outdoors. These contaminants can lead to indoor air quality problems, even if the HVAC system is well designed, regularly maintained, and functioning to its optimum conditions.

Sources of contaminants inside the building environment may include:

Dust, dirt, or mould in the HVAC system (eg. cooling coils, ducts, registers)

Office equipment such as laser printers and copiers (eg. airborne particulates, ozone)

Personal activities such as smoking or cooking (eg. Volatile organic compounds, nicotine)

Housekeeping activities such as cleaning and dusting

Maintenance activities such as painting (eg. Volatile organic compounds)

Spills of water or other liquids

Special use areas such as print shops and laboratories

Industrial processes such as dry cleaning

Moisture affected building materials (eg. mould and bacteria)

Sources of contaminants from outside the building may include:

Vehicle exhaust

Pollen and dust (eg. long term build up if cleaning regime is inadequate)


Unsanitary debris or dumpsters near the outdoor air intake

Depending on the complaint reported by building occupants, an indoor air quality investigation should include the following:

Interview with building occupants to identify potential causes such as identifiable odours, recent changes that may have caused the issue, water intrusion event, increased occupancy, cleaning regime, etc.

Assessment of the ventilation rate (generally when the indoor carbon dioxide levels are over 650 parts per million (ppm) above ambient outdoor levels)

Walkthrough inspection of the building and the ventilation system (filters, cooling coils, condensation trays, air ducts, etc.)

Sampling for airborne contaminants suspected to be present in concentrations associated with the reported complaints.

Documenting the complaint, the investigation, and any actions taken.

Occupant concerns regarding indoor air quality should be taken seriously and responded to as soon as possible. Initial information should be collected, checked and verified, preferably through interviews with occupants and a visual inspection:

Details about the specific complaint

Location(s) of the building where similar concerns about IAQ have been reported

Time of occurrence of the IAQ problem

When and where did it start and what has changed in the building just before the problem was first experienced

People affected and extent of the affected area(s)

Specific details on the health effects or discomfort occupants are experiencing

If the health effects stop soon after leaving the building, or over the weekend

If the symptoms have been diagnosed by a medical practitioner

If there are any identifiable practices inside or outside the building occurring at a time coinciding with the reported issues

If the air conditioning contractor or the building engineer evaluated the HVAC system or other conditions and the conclusions reached

Once the information above is gathered and analysed the walkthrough inspection by a specialist indoor air quality consultant should be undertaken to identify potential sources of contamination or unusual conditions. Generally, at this stage the IAQ consultant should be able to narrow the possibilities and developing air sampling strategy if required to confirm potential causes of the IAQ problem and decide on suitable solutions or if further investigation is required.

Generally, most IAQ issues can be resolved by addressing maintenance issues of the HVAC system (eg. air exchange rates, improved ventilation and air flow, filter change and disinfection of the internal surfaces of the air handling unit and the air ducts), HEPA vacuuming of the entire space, building repairs, addressing moisture issues, removing potential sources of contamination, implementing a new cleaning regime).

Under the Work Health & Safety Legislation, it is the duty of the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to provide a work environment that is free from risks to health and safety.

If you require assistance regarding the indoor air quality at your workplace please contact SESA on 02 8786 1808

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